Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Alba Paris

- Degree in Medicine and Diploma in Physiotherapy.


-PhD from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the URJC. Prize for the best doctoral student in the Community of Madrid awarded by the Professional Association of Physiotherapists of Madrid.


-Master in Orofacial Pain and Craniomandibular Dysfunction.


- Director and professor of INDCRAN, a school specializing in training in the approach to pain and disorders of the cranio-craniofacial sphere.


- Teacher of the Master's Degree in Advanced Physiotherapy in the Treatment of Pain and the expert course in neuro-orthopedic manual therapy and exercise, both at CSEU La Salle, Madrid (UAM).


- Clinical practice in FisioCranioClinic (Madrid). Specialized clinic where she treats patients with craniofacial pain, craniomandibular dysfunctions (TMJ), cervical neuro-musculoskeletal disorders, dizziness, vertigo and instability. 


-She has been a researcher for more than 14 years and currently has 50 published scientific articles. She is currently developing several research projects, having received funding for some of them. The lines of research in which she works are related to the craniofacial sphere, spine, with the representation of movement and postural control.


- Member of the Motion in Brains research group.


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