Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Arturo Goicoechea

Arturo Goicoechea Uriarte. Born in Mondragón. 1946 

Head of the Neurology Section of the Hospital de Santiago, Vitoria. In the last decade of the 20th century he made a firm commitment to the pedagogical model as a tool for dealing with symptoms in the absence of organic pathology and in 2004 he published (self-published) his first book Jaqueca, análisis neurobiológico de un dolor irracional, in which he outlines its theoretical framework and practical application. In 2009 he completes the theoretical model in the book Migraine, a cerebral nightmare.2 Readings by Damasio, Eric Kandel, Rodolfo Llinás, Boden, Berthoz, Maturana, Varela, Friston, Clark and general texts on perception, learning, molecular biology, support the proposals of his model.

From neuroscience, Goicoechea seeks biological explanations to pain, being a pioneer in Spain in the pedagogy of neurobiology of pain, which consists of informing and explaining pain to relieve it ("know pain, no pain") and is based on the studies of Lorimer Moseley following the bases laid by the work of Ronald Melzack and Patrick David Wall in the 90's on pain.


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