Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Cristina Roldán

Physiotherapist and Doctor from the University of Malaga

Professor in the Physiotherapy Degree and professor of the Doctoral Program directing several doctoral theses at the University of Malaga.

Research career with scientific articles published in international journals of impact. Currently, she collaborates in research projects as part of the "Clinimetry in Physiotherapy" research group, Malaga Biomedical Research Institute (IBIMA).

Upon finishing her doctorate in 2017, she began working as a postdoctoral researcher in therapeutic exercise programs with breast cancer patients (IBIMA). Since then, therapeutic physical exercise in the cancer population represents an area of ​​great interest both in the field of research and dissemination.

Author of a book for patients: “Breast Cancer and Physical Exercise: Everything you need to know written by a physiotherapist and based on current scientific evidence”.


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