Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Raúl Ferrer

Raúl Ferrer-Peña is a Physiotherapist, Master in Manual Physiotherapy and PhD in pain research. He is also MBA from La Salle International Graduate School, and CEO of the startup Smart Dyspnea. He has carried out his main care practice as a physiotherapist in Primary Health Care for more than 13 years, and has been a member of the Community Health Working Group of the Ministry of Health since 2019.

He is Professor and head of health postgraduate courses at the CSEU La Salle attached to the Autonomous University of Madrid, teaching content related to Preventive and Community Physiotherapy, Health Management and entrepreneurship in the health sector and Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. He is also a researcher at the Institute of Neurosciences and Movement Sciences (INCIMOV) and a member of IdiPaz Research Group 2. Author of more than 19 scientific publications in high impact journals. He participates in the faculty of different university postgraduate programmes and own degrees teaching contents related to the advanced assessment of patients with persistent pain and therapeutic education in patients with chronic pain.

He is currently vice-secretary of the governing board of the Professional Association of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid, and advisor to the General Council of Associations of Physiotherapists of Spain. In addition, he has been awarded the Silver Cross of Honour of the Madrid Health System by the Community of Madrid in 2019, for his "commitment to health care, training and research in physiotherapy" in his activity in Primary Health Care.

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