Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Roy Latouche

He holds a Diploma in Physiotherapy from the San Pablo CEU University, a Diploma in Instruction and Health Promotion from the National University of Costa Rica, a PhD (extraordinary award) and a Master's Degree in Pain Study and Treatment from the URJC. 

He is currently director of the Institute of Neurosciences and Movement Sciences and the Motion in Brains research group. Academically, he directs the Master's Degree in Physiotherapy of the Musculoskeletal System at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the CSEU La Salle, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

 He has published more than 150 scientific articles in specialised journals in the area of pain, neuroscience, craniofacial pain, craniomandibular disorders, motor imagery, action observation training and therapeutic exercise. He has given 65 national and international lectures and postgraduate teaching at international level in Europe and Latin America. 

 In his work as a researcher he has supervised 13 doctoral theses (5 with extraordinary doctoral award), has participated in 9 funded research projects (7 as PI), has designed 8 self-recording instruments related to the assessment of disability, pain, functional capacity, therapeutic alliance, adherence and compression of observed actions and has a patent for a mandibular range of motion assessment instrument.

 He has extensive experience of over 15 years exclusively treating patients with chronic neuromusculoskeletal pain, craniofacial pain, craniomandibular disorders and craniofacial neuromotor disorders. He is a member of the Spanish Pain Society. 

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