Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Meet our plenary commission


Congress of high scientific value with international and national speakers to reflect the biopsychosocial approach to patients with chronic pain, highlighting the work done from the Active Pain Management Unit with a scientific update on the management of chronic pain.


Plenary Commission: Pain and contributing factors

Nutrition, sleep, epigenetics, ... surely you know how they influence the pain we may experience? Well, if the answer is no, you are in luck, because from Saturday, October 22, if you come with all of us to this great event, you will have it clearer. 

Plenary Commission: Pain and brain round

Where is pain? In the brain? And how can we talk to the brain when it is full of pain? Neuroplasticity, placebo/nocebo, communication, oxytocin,... are some of the discourses that can help us. The speakers at this round table will tell us how they do it.

Plenary Commission: Research and dissemination in chronic pain

It seems that we already know a lot of things about pain, but for some people it is never enough. If you also want more, this table will tell you what paths are opening up at the scientific and research level about this exciting world of pain. Be surprised! 

Plenary Commission: Education in Neuroscience of pain.

They say that if you understand something well, you can explain it to a child. Well, the speakers at this table understand it so well, that it will give you the feeling that they are reading you a story. Now all that remains is for us to understand it and be able to live up to it with our patients. 

Plenary Commission: Chronic Pain and Women

20 women for every man with a fibromyalgia label. 3 to 1 in the case of chronic headaches. More than double the consumption of analgesics. Far more diagnoses of emotional disorders of anxiety-depression and consumption of anxiolytics... Even so, there are fewer hospital admissions and fewer ICU admissions in women. There is less referral of women to Pain Units. What is happening? Does it hurt to be a woman? 

Plenary Commission: Health  3.0

The 2.0 is for other Congresses. In ours the level is already 3.0. And when you listen to the presentations at this table, you will know what we mean. The health concepts of the next decade, at your fingertips in Valladolid this October.

Plenary Commission: Exercise and pain

We have a very powerful tool to help our patients with pain, but have we read the instruction manual? Do we know how to use it well? Do not worry, there will be speakers who have read the instruction book, and with a short summary will make it clear how we should use the exercise.

Plenary Commission: Neuroimaging and pain

Will we be able to take a picture of pain someday? We are close to capturing it with an image? Some say that we are beginning to have something, that we are beginning to know where to point the camera lens. Well, we have invited those who say this to Valladolid to tell you about it. 

Plenary Commission: Innovation in pain management

The most innovative physiotherapists have brought us this far, but we already know that you can't stop. Talking about innovation is always a symptom of good health in the profession: shall we see some of the most innovative proposals in pain management?


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