Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Teodora Encinas Martin

University Diploma in Nursing from the University of Valladolid. Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the UNED. Specialist in Family and Community Nursing. Master in Integrated Nursing Management in DM2 by the University of Alcalá.

She works as a Primary Care Nurse at the Plaza Circular Health Center in Valladolid (Salud Castilla y León). Associate Professor of Practice at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Valladolid and Tutor of the specialty of Family and Community Nursing.

Involved in group education for patients and family caregivers. Trained in Active Patient of Salud Castilla y León and has participated in the active patient project in type 2 diabetes. She is currently carrying out community interventions in active coping with chronic pain.


Unidad de Estrategias de Afrontamiento Activo del Dolor