Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Meet our plenary commission


Congress of high scientific value with international and national speakers to reflect the biopsychosocial approach to patients with chronic pain, highlighting the work done from the Active Pain Management Unit with a scientific update on the management of chronic pain.


Inaugural Plenary Commission

On Friday, the first day of the Congress, we will have an opening with the greatest, who will talk about the road we have traveled in the treatment of chronic pain, and what we still have to go. We want to make this journey with you, you can not miss it.

Round table: Paradigm shift in the treatment of pain in Primary Care

Our Primary Care is the place to change the way we treat patients with chronic pain. And physiotherapists have a lot to say and contribute within the Primary Care Team of Health Centers. Together we have to look the other way, the right way. Do you dare to come to Valladolid to look the right way?

Panel Discussion: Paradigm shift in chronic pain

Some of those who have been promoting change for years, persevering in disseminating how we should understand pain in order to achieve this paradigm shift, will be with us. They are the best and they are going to give us the keys to this change. And I have good news: there is a seat reserved for you!

Plenary Commission on chronic pain and mental health

A table to understand the relationship between pain and mental health could not be missed. And more after these hard years we have lived, and that will inevitably affect the painful experience. Do we know how this influences our patients? Well, this is the opportunity to catch up.

Panel discussion: pain management in hospital care.

And in the Hospital? How do the different disciplines deal with pain? Radiologists, neurosurgeons... The speakers at this table will surely surprise you with innovative proposals to respond to the needs of patients with chronic pain.

Plenary Commission: Evaluation of the patient with chronic pain.

How many patients do you see in your office with chronic pain? do we make the best possible assessment? After listening to the speakers at this table, on Monday you will have the most current tools to make the most complete assessment possible.

Plenary Commission: Active coping of neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain surely brings many of us upside down... But the speakers at this table have put a lot of their heads so that we can understand it better, and give an accurate answer at the time of treatment focused on active coping. Join them and solve any doubts you may have.

Panel discussion: Units to respond to patients with pain: Science and evidence based on the real world.

Great opportunity to listen, ask questions and discuss about pain, with the different experiences of both the most prestigious scientific societies on pain and patients.


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