Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Cecilia Peñacoba

1. Research activity: 

Six years of research: 4 (3 research+1 transfer). I have more than 120 scientific works, 80 of which correspond to indexed publications with a relative quality index and 30 to books and book chapters (with two complete monographs and one as editor), not including those of a teaching nature. Of these, 60 are in journals included in the ISI Journal Citation Reports (JCR). I have had positive evaluations of scientific productivity from the Vice-Rectorate for Research at my university, with external evaluation by ANECA, from 2005 to the present. I am author and co-author of more than 200 contributions in Congresses, Conferences and Scientific Meetings, both national and international, with abstracts published in JCR impact journals. I am a member of different scientific societies, as well as scientific reviewer of the Organising Committee. I have been principal investigator of 17 research projects, 3 of them from national (National R&D&I Plan) and regional (PRICIT of the Community of Madrid) competitive calls and the rest from projects carried out under article 83 of the LOU, whose results have given rise to different publications and activities of knowledge transfer to society and the productive sector and reports with socio-economic impact. I have also participated in and coordinated different guides to help fibromyalgia patients. I have participated as a member of the research team in 18 other projects, 17 of them funded projects in national and regional competitive calls. I have received the extraordinary doctoral thesis award, two research awards (I Research Award for Social Studies from the Social Work of Caja Madrid in 2007, I National Award for Research in Psychology in Fibromyalgia in 2008) and a prize for the best oral communication (2007). I have founded and directed the PENTA Team (Psychosocial Factors and Health Research Group) from 2002 to the present. I have been responsible for the design and care management of the Psychology Service and the Interdisciplinary Fibromyalgia Unit at the URJC University Clinic. I have carried out 5 research stays in international centres and I have served as ad hoc reviewer of different journals included in the JCR and others indexed in national and international databases, and I belong to the scientific committee of different entities. I have belonged to the Ethics Committee of the Fundación Hospital Alcorcón as a member of the URJC. Patents: Inventors (p.o. of signature): Juan Ardoy Cuadros; Sofía Bayona Beriso; Angelines Egido Díaz; José Miguel Fernández Pizarro; María Paz López Martín; Marcos José García Lorenzo; Luis Ignacio Pastor Pérez; María Cecilia Peñacoba Puente; Moreno, R. ; González-Gutiérrez, J. L. ; Almudena López López López. Title: Intelligent Psychostimulation System for Alzheimer's Dementia (SIPDA). Application No.: M-1580-1200-8. Priority date: 22/02/2008.

2. Teaching activity:

I have obtained positive evaluation of teaching merits over 4 continuous five-year periods. As a full-time lecturer at the UAM, I obtained the Recognition of University Teaching Quality. I have obtained Excellent Evaluation in the five consecutive calls in the DOCENTIA Programme of the URJC, from 2008 to 2020. I have taught in different undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. I have supervised 14 doctoral theses, all of which have received the highest marks, three of them being awarded the extraordinary prize. Practically all of them have been carried out within a Quality Mention Programme, and one of them was carried out as part of an agreement between the URJC and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova with funding from the European Social Fund on fibromyalgia. I have directed numerous DEA, TFG and TFM. I have been principal investigator of 2 Teaching Innovation projects from 2005-06 to the present and member of the research team in 6 other projects funded by the URJC's own programme. The results of the innovation projects have been reflected in 25 papers, some of which have been published in monographs with ISBN. I have participated in the URJC's Integral Tutoring programmes. I have 21 publications of teaching material, including complete manuals and book chapters, as well as coordination and editing responsibilities. I have organised, coordinated and delivered teaching oriented to teacher training, especially in relation to the acquisition of competences and the development of teaching guides, and the well-being and quality of life of the teaching staff, in the Training Plans of the Vice-rectorates of Teaching Staff and European Harmonisation of the URJC and the Carlos III University. I have participated in numerous editions of Zero Courses, URJC's own degrees, University for Older Adults and Summer Courses.

3. Management experience:

At the University Centre of Public Health (UAM) I carried out the coordination and co-direction of the Master in Occupational Health and Safety. I have held the post of Head of UDI of Clinical and Health Psychology in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the URJC from the academic year 00/01 to 09/10. I have been Vice-Dean of International Relations, Social Policy and Quality in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the URJC from 12/06/2007 to 28/02/2011. Within the Vice-Rectorate for Social Policy, Environmental Quality and Healthy University of the URJC I was coordinator of the Healthy University Programme (09/11/2006 to 31/10/2007) and of the "Well-being and Health Promotion" Programme (09/07/2009 to 24/07/2013). Since my arrival at the URJC (academic year 00/01) I have participated as a member of different committees, aimed at the transition of the degrees to the EHEA, the implementation of new degrees, the evaluation of the quality of the university, and the management of the Faculty in general. I have been a member of the Board of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Senate and the Governing Council of the URJC. Since 28/05/2014 and until 01/11/2017 I have been the Academic Secretary of Medicine and Surgery, Psychology, Preventive Medicine and Public Health and Immunology, Medical Microbiology and Nursing and Medical Stomatology.

4. Latest publications (on chronic pain)

Velasco, L., López-Gómez, I., Gutiérrez, L., Écija, C., Catalá, P., & Peñacoba, C. (2022). Exploring the preference for fatigue-avoidance goals as a mediator between pain catastrophizing, functional impairment, and walking behavior in women with fibromyalgia. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 38(3), 182-188.

Gutierrez, L., Velasco, L., Blanco, S., Catala, P., Pastor-Mira, M. Á., & Peñacoba, C. (2022). Perfectionism, maladaptive beliefs and anxiety in women with fibromyalgia. An explanatory model from the conflict of goals. Personality and Individual Differences, 184, 111165.

Sanromán, L., Catalá, P., Écija, C., Suso-Ribera, C., San Román, J., & Peñacoba, C. (2022). The Role of Walking in the Relationship between Catastrophizing and Fatigue in Women with Fibromyalgia. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(7), 4198.

Ecija, C., Catala, P., Velasco, L., Pastor-Mira, M. A., & Peñacoba, C. (2022). When It Hurts, a Positive Attitude May Help. The Moderating Effect of Positive Affect on the Relationship Between Walking, Depression, and Symptoms in Women with Fibromyalgia. Pain Management Nursing.

López-Gómez, I., Velasco, L., Gutiérrez, L., Écija, C., Catalá, P., & Peñacoba, C. (2022). Symptoms in women with fibromyalgia after performing physical activity: the role of pain catastrophizing and disease impact. Clinical Rheumatology, 1-8.

Peñacoba, C., López-Gómez, I., Pastor-Mira, M. A., López-Roig, S., & Ecija, C. (2021). Contextualizing goal preferences in fear-avoidance models. Looking at fatigue as a disabling symptom in fibromyalgia patients. PloS one, 16(7), e0254200.

Écija, C., Luque-Reca, O., Suso-Ribera, C., Catala, P., & Peñacoba, C. (2020). Associations of cognitive fusion and pain catastrophizing with fibromyalgia impact through fatigue, pain severity, and depression: An exploratory study using structural equation modeling. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 9(6), 1763.

5. Other

Development of a series of stories "Mingabe's stories" for children of all ages and adults with the aim of making FM disease more understandable. They are used as teaching material in general psychology classes (e.g. health promotion, health education, chronic pain).

Development, together with other health professionals, of the Debut Guide on Fibromyalgia (2014), a guide awarded by the SER and recognised as being of interest by the COP.

Author and editor of the guide "Step by step with you" Support guide for patients with fibromyalgia to walk as a form of physical exercise" as a dissemination in terms of knowledge transfer. The guide is endorsed by the following societies: "Alianza General de Pacientes", "Mujeres de la sanidad", "Sociedad Madrileña del Dolor", "Colegio Oficial de la Psicología de Madrid". ISBN 978-84-09-36217-2, and D.L. M-37040-2021. Guide awarded by the Forum of Affective-Effective Awards (VIII Edition 2022).


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