Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Diploma in Physiotherapy (1996). Degree in Psychology (2006). Doctor of Psychology in

Emotional Intelligence by the University of Malaga (2012). 21 years of teaching passing through

different figures of teachers. Since 10/01/2000 I am a full-time teacher. Three

sections for teaching merits, five-year periods, and two sections for regional complement.

Evaluation of excellent teaching quality.

4 contributions in JCR (and also in SJR) and 3 contributions in SJR. 2 book chapters in

editorial panamericana.4 Books of Teaching Manuals published by Editorial Uma.

Researcher in various projects:

National R&D Plan: Artificial intelligence for natural language text processing

clinic in Spanish for analysis of REAL-World-Data(Text2RWD). MICINN - National Plan for

R+D+I. (Malaga University). 09/2021-08/2025.

Young Researchers Research Project. (University of Malaga): B1-2020-25,

Young Researchers Project “OcupApp. Development and effectiveness of a mobile application

for involvement in meaningful activities in the elderly population”. Investigation project

Young Researchers. (Malaga University). 05/24/2021-05/24/2022.

Call for aid for R&D&I projects within the framework of the ERDF operational program

Andalusia 2014-2020. Call 2018. "Analysis of personal and contextual factors and their

impact on teacher health and well-being: implications of emotional intelligence for teachers

active teachers and new teachers. (University of Malaga. Personality, Evaluation

and psychological treatment). From 11/15/2019.

Call University of Malaga own plan. “Planning, preparation and monitoring

of a virtual intervention program in the curricular practices of the degrees of Therapy

Occupational and Physiotherapy.. (University of Malaga. Vice President for Social Innovation and

Entrepreneurship). 03/22/2021-07/31/2021.

Call Unit for the Quality of Andalusian Universities. Proposal for

rethinking the selection of the contents of the special physiotherapy subject I. UCUA. Since


Call University of Malaga Own Plan NETWORKS OF EXCELLENCE: Network

International: Practicum Evaluation of degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

09/01/2019-09/01/2021. (8 universities from Colombia, Tel Aviv, Australia, United

Kingdom and Argentina).

Various Educational Innovation projects aimed at teaching and evaluation in the

physiotherapy practicum, based on the development and validation of assessment measures and

quality of the practicum.

Organizing President of the I International Congress of Research in Clinical Tutelage

in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Nursing, held at the Faculties of Law

and Health Sciences at the University of Malaga 2019. With speakers

international (Orlando, Tel Aviv, Ireland, United Kingdom,...) with whom he got

in common all the experiences of such an important aspect in the University Degrees

such as the practices, their evaluation systems and their quality.

For many years I have been working on the improvement and development of the practicum in

physiotherapy, and in the academic and care teaching of students in this field of

research: TEACHING.

Various management positions, deputy director of a university school, deputy director of

department, department secretary from December 23, 2019 to the

date. Belonging to various commissions such as the center board, validation of titles and

advisory commissions for the assessment of teaching staff. Assessor in Entrance Exams to the

University. Member of the doctoral thesis tribunal, and University Professor positions.


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