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Inge Timmers

Dr. Inge Timmers is Assistant Professor at the department of Medical and Clinical Psychology at Tilburg University (NL) focusing on the psychology and neuroscience of persistent pain. She is also Visiting Professor at the department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Ghent University (BE). Previously, she worked at the Biobehavioral Pediatric Pain (BPP) Lab at Stanford University (US) and at the Rehabilitation Medicine department at Maastricht University (NL).

Her research focuses on biobehavioral factors that play a role in the development and the maintenance of chronic pain. These factors broadly include cognitive and affective (e.g., pain-related fear, catastrophizing), interpersonal (e.g., parent affective responses), biological (e.g., stress), and treatment mechanisms. Her research leverages neuroimaging, experimental designs, self-reports and psychophysiological assessments to unravel underlying mechanisms and contributors to chronic pain and its treatment.

Dr. Timmers’ work has received funding from various sources, including the European Commission (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action), Maternal and Child Health Research Institute at Stanford University, and Research Foundation Flanders. She has published over 35 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and regularly presents her work at (inter)national conferences. She is a board member of the European Pediatric Psychology Network (EPPN), and on the editorial board of the journals PAIN Reports and Frontiers in Pain Research. You can find more information via her website, or find her via Twitter (@Inge__Timmers).


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