Chronic Pain Congress 2022

Tirso Docampo

Academic qualifications:

University Diploma in Physiotherapy. University of La Coruña. 1996

Professional experience:

Physiotherapist in Sergas since 2002 as an interim and with a permanent position since 2011, working both at Hospital level and in Primary and Community Care.

Teaching experience:

Teacher in several courses for the FEGAS of Myofascial Induction of 20 hours of duration, with two editions in 2010, another edition in 2011, and another in 2012.

Lecturer for the CHUVI Continuing Education programme. 17 hours in 2011

Lecturer in three 20-hour courses for the CSIF trade union on Introduction to Myofascial Induction in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

Rapporteur in the course Abordaxe de disfuncións do solo pelviano feminino no ámbito de AP, for ACIS, 4 hours in 2017.

Programmer of the First and Second Sogafi Conferences accredited by ACIS (2019 and 2021).

Scheduler of several courses accredited by ACIS and promoted by SOGAFI.

Programmer of training courses for professional physiotherapists of SERGAS promoted by ACIS.

Other merits that I consider of interest in relation to continuous training:

Director of the 20-hour Myofascial Induction course for the CHUVI continuing education programme in 2011.

Moderator at the I Conference on Healthcare Management Models: in search of efficiency, organised by the Official Association of Physiotherapists of Galicia in 2018.

Moderator at the III National Conference on Primary Care, organised by the AEF-APySC, held in Bilbao in 2022.

Sergas member of the Galician Association of Physiotherapists (SOGAFI).

Member of the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists in Primary Care and Community Health (AEF-APySC).


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